4 Must-Have Apps for Travelling Musicians THAT WILL HELP YOU SAVE TIME AND MONEY

I am happy to share with you a short list of my favourite apps for travelling musicians. All of them are free and sometimes very underestimated. That’s the reason why you should read this post till the very end.

1. Metronome App

This is a simply but very useful tool. Not only for musicians who play and write music (like drummers and guitarists), but even for singers and rappers who want to write their lyrics down. Let’s do an example: you come up with a very good idea, but you don’t have any instrumental to use yet. If you write on a specific bpm value, by using the metronome, then it would be easier to adapt your lyrics to a given instrumental. That’s because in this way you’ve already set the tempo of the arrangement. Cool, isn’t it?



2. Ear Training App

If you are a travelling musician, it’s very important to learn always something new and keep training yourself. Using Ear Training App, you can improve your music theory skills or you can acquire them starting from 0. I find this app very interesting, ’cause you can switch between different modes, like Easy mode, Classic mode, Arcade mode. Which are designed for beginners and experts. You have more than 180 progressive drills over many chapters. This means that you have a lot of exercises to train you ears with, while you are travelling.



3. Voice Recorder App

It could be sound very generic, but a good voice recorder app is essential when you travel and you cannot record immediately your ideas in studio. If you rap or sing through your phone mic, which is basically low quality recording, you can better understand the quality of your technical skills, for instance how good are the flow, the tone and the modulation of your voice during your performance. I would say that it’s the simpliest as well as the best tool to improve your music self-confidence.




4. Chord Progression Master App

This app help you playing and finding chords progressions for your songs. You can select different styles, moods and choose the key and the complexity level. I particulary like it, ’cause it shows piano and Guitar chords charts and you can save directly your chords progressions in .midi. So they will be ready to be dropped in your sequencer and that means you can save a lot of time in the composing process. I found the chord progression for this chill hip hop beat https://bsta.rs/f026e9d  while I was chilling in a park, by using CPM. Not bad, right?

Chord Progression Master

I hope you like this post. If you want to see more content like this, share my posts and let me know what are you favourite apps, by leaving a comment.

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